Heath Hearn


Heath Hearn is a forerunner of Cornwall's exciting contemporary artist's community at Maker Heights on Rame Peninsula. A growing, thriving community of artists can be found hard at work in old army barracks, with new names coming from the USA to be part of the scene. Heath has always been inspired by the St Ives artists which can be seen in his work so it seems apt that he should be part of the Centre of Excellence that will be the St Ives of today. 

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Heath Hearn's Artist Statement:

"Most of my landscapes do not focus on the beauty of nature alone, but more on the fragile and sometimes crude relationship between man-made structures and natural environment. Rather than make a visual distinction between the two, I try to merge them together, as with all things they will inevitably revert back to nature. I try to express the beauty of that reclamation’_ my own abstract interpretation feels like another extension of that process.”

Over the last 20 years of painting I consistently have been inspired by what I would term as the ‘honest painters’ of the Cornish art scene in the mid 20th Century.

The likes of William Scott, Margaret Mellis, Roger Hilton and Peter Lanyon have always held my attention, like a piece of music that you never grow tired of. A memory that you can’t quite recall though keeps returning in a melancholic and somewhat haunting manner.

I see myself as well as a number of emerging Cornish painters as picking up an interrupted thread in Cornish art from the 1950s and 60s.

I think what I and others feel is that we’re working in a continuation of what earlier artists achieved, almost as if we’re an extension of their consciousness but in a modern, sometimes even conceptual context.

When it comes to describing my process of painting especially with the abstraction, I rather prefer to use Roger Hiltons famous statement of his unconscious modus operandi: “I had a feel of the work rather than a vision of it.”



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